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The Behaviour Balance System©

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The Behaviour Balance System©

Any form of personal development starts with self-belief, enjoyment and the confidence to keep trying. As a young child, we develop the strength and stamina to walk through the process of falling down and getting back up. Over time this resilience can be lost as the fear of failure and judgment creeps in, making space for self-doubt. We believe that people are always doing the best they can with what they have and we keep this at the forefront of our minds in all that we do. This belief allows us to enable every child and adult to succeed in creating the life they want and walking through it with confidence.

Bringing balance to our world through progressive practice and parenting!

At SPD Tuition and Coaching, we are committed to bringing balance to our world through progressive practice and parenting. Our mission is to support practitioners and parents in moving away from traditional “blame and shame” cultures of behaviour management and towards a science-backed approach that promotes emotional regulation and connection. The Behaviour Balance System© is a comprehensive approach rooted in the latest research on the science of behaviour and psychology. Our programmes support children, parents, and educators in creating a culture of balance, increasing and sustaining happiness, well-being, and success. With a combination of physiology, mind management, and emotional balance, we engage, empower, and educate our clients like no other training.

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The Behaviour Balance Basket©

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‘The Behaviour Balance Basket’ is a tool that can be used to promote independent emotional and behaviour based balance for children both at home and in educational settings

The Behaviour Bank©

The Behaviour Bank provides a comprehensive approach to promoting well-being in both homes and schools.

Balance Cards

Easy to use steps and scripts to support practitioners and parents in navigating their way through behaviour to support the emotions being shown.

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Parents & Children

For children, our programmes focus on developing emotional literacy and self-regulation skills, enabling them to manage anxiety, overcome fear, and accelerate their academic achievement. We believe that when children are confident, resilient, and emotionally balanced, they are better equipped to learn and achieve their goals.

Parents also benefit from our support in overcoming parenting challenges, embedding effective communication, and finding balance in their lives. Our aim is to help parents unlock their untapped potential and find fulfilment in all aspects of life.

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Teachers & Practitioners

Our teacher training programmes are equally unique. We provide educators with the tools and techniques needed for self-regulation, co-regulation, and self-motivation. Through The Balance System, we support educational settings in moving away from traditional “behaviour management” systems and instead focus on creating calm learning environments that accelerate progress and lead to increased academic success.

Bringing balance to our world through progressive practice and parenting!

At SPD Tuition and Coaching, we are passionate about helping people unlock their true potential and create fulfilling lives. We believe that everyone has the power to create their own stories, and we are committed to supporting our clients in shaping their next chapters. With a range of services to support individuals and teams to be their very best, we have the pleasure of supporting our clients in achieving their goals and unlocking their true potential like no other training.