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The Balance Basket©

In addition to The Balance Basket©, The Behaviour Bank© provides a comprehensive approach to promoting well-being in both homes and schools. As a subscriber, you'll have access to a variety of resources, including short courses, bite-sized clips, downloadable resources, and videos for lessons.
‘The Balance Basket©’ is a tool that can be used to promote independent emotional and behaviour based balance for children both at home and in educational settings, bringing well-being into daily life by incorporating items that support physical, emotional, and mental health. The Balance Basket© offers support for children when they feel they need it, prioritising their self-care and creating a more balanced approach to their emotions and enabling them to identify their needs. Having a physical reminder in the form of a basket filled with items that support emotional regulation, empowering beliefs and effective communication, balances behaviour without ‘blame, shame and guilt’, helping individuals to stay motivated and committed to their goals. Overall, The Balance Basket© is a practical and accessible way to promote balance and well-being, which can lead to increased happiness, productivity, and overall quality of life. The items in The Balance Basket© can be customised based on personal preferences and needs, but the goal is to promote a balanced lifestyle and overall well-being.
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“The wellbeing of the students is always at the heart of all of the support we received. They tune in very quickly to the needs of the children, allowing tailored teaching, rapid progress and most importantly the feeling of success!”

— Jane Hannah, Head Teacher

“Sam is an exceptional consultant and coach. Her ability to listen and pinpoint barriers to success is impressive. She motivates people to plan their own journey and to achieve their success.”

— Head Teacher