SPD Tuition and Coaching



Drawing from her experience as a Pilates instructor, Buteyko breathwork coach, children’s author and corporate presenter, breathing expert Charlotte Marsh guides people to improve their breathing to improve their health, focus, sleep, and relationships.   

I guide people to improve their breathing to change their health.  You will see and feel improvements in how you function on a daily basis; your focus, sleep, anxiety and key relationships will all improve. Better breathing will allow you to gain control of your health and well-being. 

Currently specialising in presenting: 

-“Breathing Boost” workshop for corporate clients; stress recovery, mental health, back pain, desk based exercises, performance boost and 

– “Susie Sloth and her Secret Superpower” workshop for KS1 school pupils; highly interactive, play based, full of wriggles and giggles.

Charlotte lives in Derbyshire with her family where she enjoys Pilates and walking in the dales with nearby relatives. In summer she’ll be out picking flowers. In winter she might be baking a cake or day dreaming about a trip to Paris