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The Behaviour Balance Zone Plans

For Schools

The only 360 behaviour CPD that bridges home and school without rewards and sanctions, accelerating academic success, emotional literacy and wellbeing through an inclusive, united approach, for educators and parents.

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For Teachers

Teacher support through our 360, balanced approach to behaviour. Create an inclusive, emotionally regulated classroom that reduces stress and accelerates academic success.

£32.25/ 3 Months


For Parents

Parental support through the only 360 balanced approach to behaviour, uniting all aspects of your children's needs with expert assistance to meet them.

£38.25/ 3 Months



“The wellbeing of the students is always at the heart of all of the support we received. They tune in very quickly to the needs of the children, allowing tailored teaching, rapid progress and most importantly the feeling of success!”

— Jane Hannah, Head Teacher

“Sam is an exceptional consultant and coach. Her ability to listen and pinpoint barriers to success is impressive. She motivates people to plan their own journey and to achieve their success.”

— Head Teacher