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360 Coaching Sessions

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Our 360 coaching sessions are designed to provide personalised support to help mums identify their strengths and areas for development, set achievable goals, and develop a plan to reach them. We believe that when mums have a clear vision and plan for their lives, they can be more present and engaged with their families. In addition to our coaching sessions, we also offer parental strategy sessions where we work with mums to create a customised plan for their unique family situation.

Our parenting support services are designed to help mums navigate the challenges of motherhood with greater ease and peace of mind. We offer strategies and tools to manage stress, improve communication, and strengthen the parent-child bond. We believe that when mums have the support they need, they can feel more patient, compassionate, and have the capacity to respond to their children’s needs in the way they truly wish they could.

Overall, we are committed to helping mums find fulfilment and balance in all areas of their lives. We believe that being a mum should not feel like a limitation, and that mums can pursue their dreams and goals while also being present and engaged parents. With our services, mums can create the reality they desire and model healthy habits and behaviours for their children.

Our parenting approach is based on The Balance system, which emphasises the importance of balance in all areas of life. We believe that when parents are balanced and fulfilled, they are better equipped to support their children’s growth and development. The Balance system focusses on five key areas: physical health, emotional well-being, intellectual growth, social connections, and spiritual fulfilment. By nurturing these areas, parents can create a more harmonious and fulfilling home environment for themselves and their families. Our coaching and support services are designed to help parents incorporate The Balance system into their lives and find greater joy and balance in their parenting journey.

Parenting Strategy Sessions​

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Our Parenting Strategy sessions are informed by The Balance System, a science-backed approach that supports parents in moving away from traditional methods of discipline and punishment. Instead, we focus on connection and collaboration, which helps to improve social and learning behaviours in the home. The Balance System recognises that behaviour is a window into a child’s emotional state, and we use this understanding to support parents in nurturing their children’s emotional intelligence.

Through our sessions, we work with parents to develop effective communication strategies that foster deeper connections with their children. We teach parents to understand their children’s emotional needs and how to support them in developing emotional literacy. By using The Balance System, we can help parents build a strong foundation of trust and respect with their children, which can lead to more positive interactions and a deeper sense of connection.

Our Parenting Strategy sessions are designed to be flexible and tailored to your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for support with specific parenting challenges or just need some guidance on how to better connect with your child, we’re here to help. Our sessions are conducted in a safe and non-judgmental space, and we encourage open and honest communication between parents and caregivers.

At the core of our Parenting Strategy sessions is the belief that every parent has the potential to be a positive and effective caregiver. With the right tools and guidance, parents can create a home environment that fosters emotional balance, resilience, and success. We’re here to help you unlock your full potential as a parent and support you in creating a fulfilling and rewarding parenting experience.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey.

What is Parental Coaching?

Parental coaching is a powerful tool for overcoming the challenges of modern parenthood. At SPD Parental Coaching, we provide tailored coaching sessions that use a variety of strategies and techniques to help you build your confidence in your parenting skills. Our coaches work with you to identify your core values and desired outcomes for your family, and we help you develop effective strategies and solutions to achieve those outcomes.

Our coaching approach is solution-focused, which means we empower you to move forward, one step at a time, with guidance from our highly qualified coaches. We help you develop and utilise the tools you already have to raise and support your children with abundance, love, and confidence. Our goal is to help you discover the great parent within you and unleash your full potential.

Our coaching services are based on The Balance System, which is both a holistic, and systematic approach, to parenting that focusses on creating balance and harmony in all aspects of family life. We believe that parenting is not just about raising children but also about nurturing relationships and building a strong foundation for the family as a whole. With SPD Parental coaching, you’ll learn how to create a supportive and nurturing environment for your children while also fostering your own personal growth and well-being.

In summary, our parental coaching services offer a unique opportunity to work with highly qualified coaches who can help you build your confidence, develop effective parenting strategies, and achieve your desired outcomes for your family. With our solution-focused approach and The Balance System, we can help you become the best and most positive parent you can be.


How will parental coaching help you?

As parental coaches we have helped many parents work through a variety of situations and transitions.

We offer support in;

  • Behaviour management: Our parental coaches can help you effectively manage and address behaviours such as aggression, sibling rivalry, and defiance, so that you can build a harmonious and loving home environment for your family.
  • Self-care and stress management: We understand that being a parent can be stressful, and we can offer you support in taking care of yourself and managing parenting stress and anxiety, so that you can be your best self for your children.
  • Communication techniques: Our coaches can teach you clean communication techniques to help you overcome daily struggles or conflicts and build strong relationships with your children and partner.
  • Child development strategies: We can provide you with developmental activities and strategies that support your child’s physical, emotional, and social development, so that you can nurture their growth and potential.
  • Transitional parenting strategies: Our coaches can help you develop transitional parenting strategies that empower and support you during challenging times, such as divorce or loss of a loved one, so that you can navigate these transitions with grace and strength.
  • Parenting questions: We are here to answer any parenting questions you might have, whether it’s about discipline, education, or anything in between.
  • Practical problem-solving: Our coaches can help you create plans and address practical problems such as childcare issues or educational problems, so that you can feel confident in your ability to handle any situation that arises.

Discover the benefits of our parental coaching:


“This was the most engaging course I have ever been on in my 12 years working in Early Years, so thank you so much!”

— Early years Practitioner

“Sessions dramatically increased confidence and self-esteem!”

— Senior Leader