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Full 360 support for mums

Bringing life together, the whole 360

Balance the career, business, and life that works for you. Whatever your story is now, whatever you want it to be, you can create your own reality.

MUMECHI is a range of services, from 1-2-1 coaching to group networking, specifically created to support mums in the whole 360 of life.

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Our Services


Coaching for Parents

There is no right way of being a parent, but there are steps to assist you, and we can help


For Mums

We can help you find balance with your career, life, and parenting life with our 360 coaching.


For Children

Our mission is to inspire, educate and encourage children as they develop the ability to thrive in life.

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“A passionate & purposeful coach!”
Aaron Roach Bridgeman
Television Presenter & Live Events Host

Our Story

MUMECHI is strongly rooted in Our Founder, Samantha Dholakia’s, own journey of discovery. Throughout her established career in Education, she had often found herself supporting parents in overcoming parenting challenges, and finding that lifestyle balance at home. The well-being and development of both her staff and pupils had always been a priority, and as a lifelong learner, was an area she was excited to develop her own skills in.

Our Values

“Our SPD Tutor has been and is continuing to be, a truly amazing, kind and very encouraging tutor. Her attention to detail is fantastic. She has a great understanding of my child’s academic needs together with his emotional requirements. She has a lot of patience. She has given my child the confidence and reassurance he needed to do his best. Highly recommend their services.”
“The wellbeing of the students is always at the heart of what SPD Tutors and Coaches do. They tune in very quickly to the needs of the children, allowing tailored teaching, rapid progress and most importantly the feeling of success!”
Jane Hannah
Head Teacher