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Coaching & Tuition for Children

Our coaching programs help children to develop the mindset they need

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To build success in all areas of life, children need to be confident and able to communicate effectively. Developing a strong voice that is heard and the ability to share their ideas and visions is the most impactful support we can offer our children. Many children struggle academically, socially, and emotionally because they have not yet developed the necessary skills to thrive. Our coaching programs help children to develop the mindset they need to face challenges head-on, overcome their fear of failure, and build the resilience required to succeed. We empower children by enhancing their emotional regulation, self-belief, and social skills.

The benefits of our coaching programs extend far beyond childhood. Developing strong emotional regulation, communication, and social skills sets children up for academic achievement and long-term happiness. At our centre, we work with children to help them unlock their potential and pave the way for a bright future.

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Academic Tuition

In today’s rapidly evolving world, children may require some additional support to achieve their maximum academic potential. Our personalised teaching sessions, including both one-on-one and small group options, can assist them in developing and honing the skills that challenge them the most. We believe that every child is capable of learning and that the process can be enjoyable!

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Social Skills Coaching

The world is full of social situations that can be challenging to navigate. Whether it’s making new friends, interacting with peers, or communicating effectively with family members, social skills are essential for building and maintaining relationships. Our social skills coaching sessions are designed to help children and adults develop the skills they need to thrive in social situations. We focus on the various ways people communicate, how to respond rather than react to others, and the impact of language choices in conversations. By developing these skills, individuals can reduce stress, frustration, and anxiety in social situations, leading to more positive interactions and stronger relationships. And these skills can have a long-lasting impact on academic achievement and overall happiness.

Emotional Management

At times, emotions can feel overwhelming and out of control, leaving us feeling frustrated, anxious or low in self-esteem. This can have a significant impact on our confidence and ability to communicate effectively. Our emotional regulation coaching sessions focus on developing a range of tools and techniques to help manage these emotions in a healthy and productive way. By understanding the root cause of these emotions, we can begin to change our thought patterns and create a more positive outlook. We teach children and adults how to identify and express their emotions in a healthy and effective manner, building a strong foundation for self-awareness and self-regulation. This leads to improved academic achievement, as well as long-term happiness and success in all areas of life. Our goal is to empower our clients to take control of their emotional state and navigate life’s ups and downs with confidence and resilience.


“Having considered and looked into the possibility of a tutor for such a long time without really knowing where to start, I am delighted SPD Tuition was recommended to us. I had considered a learning centre but felt a one to one tutor would work best as whilst I specifically wanted English and Maths tutoring, my daughter was in need of someone she could connect with to help with confidence too. Luckily in conversation with a family member SPD Tuitions’s name came up. I was intrigued and after our first conversation, listening to Samantha’s experience, what she could offer and the way she would tailor and design each session to meet the needs discussed I couldn’t wait to meet her with my daughter. Samantha managed to squeeze us into her busy schedule and we’ve not looked back! To say she has had an impact on both my daughters confidence and development is an understatement, she has also given my daughter some specific confidence coaching which has not only helped my daughter deal with difficult situations but proved a huge benefit to me too. Not only has my daughter been able to apply what she has learned with Samantha but her confidence has enabled her to engage so much more with her peers and helped her immensely in class. She also trusts Samantha implicitly and looks forward to their sessions every week, she is completely engaged and it is fantastic to see. As parents we will always strive to do our best for our children and I can say with absolute certainty that finding SPD Tuition has proved a blessing and one I am so thankful for. This whole process has taught me so much, but more importantly my daughter is much happier and engaged with her learning which can only bode well for the future. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Samantha, she is an absolute superstar in the eyes of both myself and my daughter “.

— Tracy Catley, Parent