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A Whole New World, Looking Within!

A Whole new world, looking within!

By Samantha Dholakia

There is an old saying, ‘what goes up must come down’, over time we have come to understand that this is of course set in the science of gravity. 

5 Habits of Happiness in Motherhood


By Samantha Dholakia

Happiness. We all need it, we all want it, we all talk about it, and we all know when we are missing it! But, do we know how to create it for ourselves and our families?

Habit #2. Engagement. Do what you love mama.

By Samantha Dholakia

The way we engage with the things in our lives has a huge impact on our happiness; and the activities we enjoy of course vary from person to person. 

Habit #3. Better Relationships.


By Samantha Dholakia

One of the most important things we have in our lives are the connections we make with the people around us.

Habit #4. Meaning. Finding purpose in life.

By Samantha Dholakia

Meaning is one of life’s most important motivators and yet so many of us take so long to find it.

Habit #5. Accomplishment. Small wins matter.


By Samantha Dholakia

Our achievements have the ability to shift our moods, motivate and stimulate us which not only impacts us, but also improves our relationships with others…

Who is that mum in the mirror?


By Samantha Dholakia

This one is about a very interesting topic that touches every one of us as soon as we become mothers for the first time: identity.